Sending files w. MacPPP to Solaris 2.4

Sending files w. MacPPP to Solaris 2.4

Post by Anders F Erikss » Thu, 02 Feb 1995 08:40:33

  We have some problems when sending files (using ftp) or large mail
(using Eudora) from Macs using MacPPP through a Xyplex access server. The
problem is that the transfer hangs after just a few KB. The mail and ftp
server is an Intel based maching running Solaris x86 2.4. As far as I've
seen the problem only affect Macs sending over PPP ? I haven't heard
anything like it from our PC users ? and it works fine on the local
network (from both Macs and PCs). If it matters the modems connected to
our access server are USR Courier V.34.

  Suggestions, anyone?


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1. send mmap timed out on Solaris 2.4

I recently upgraded from Apache 1.2.4 to Apache 1.3.6 on a Sparc using
Solaris 2.4. I notice following problems:

        Some files are not getting served, but repeated access helps,
          in such a case the connection stays open until timeout
        Messages like "send mmap timed out" appear often

I compiled Apache myself gcc without getting error messages, but I am
not sure if I can trust my own gcc compilation.

Here my questions:

        Can I use an Apache binary compiled for sun4c-sun-solaris2.250
          on solaris 2.24?
        Or has someone a binary for Solaris 2.4 (including Expire and
          Proxy module)?
        Do I need special patches for solaris 2.4?
        What can be wrong?

Thank you very much for any hint.

PS: I know I should upgrade my OS but this will take some time.

Kind regards

Jens Herder

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