Win95 telnet script language

Win95 telnet script language

Post by Frank da Cr » Tue, 09 Feb 1999 04:00:00

: I'm using the Win95 telnet as emulator to communicate with a COT software
: installed on a Unix box server, that software needs to send instructions
: and data back to the box from which my telnet session is held. I'd like to
: know the escape sequences specific to MS win95 Telnet emulator for me to
: write an Unix script to arrange so my instructions and data could be sent
: to the emulator box's local drive. My final purpose is to allow the local
: box to receive the data en vue to print locally with a pre-installed
: printing executable stored on the local box; but do not wish to interrupt
: the telnet session with the software under session on the unix box.  In
: other words, my script will allow the local box Telnet session to get the
: following data then perform a print and resume its session with the Unix
: box software where it was left off before the escape sequence occurred.
: My main target is to be able to sent data without interrupting the Win95
: telnet session. Any suggestion on the script language? Many thanks. TUAN
It sounds like what you are asking for is nothing more than the
host-directed transparent printing or autoprinting features of the VT100.
The escape sequences are:

                   Transparent-Print       Autoprint

  Start printer       <ESC>[5i             <ESC>[?5i
  Stop printer        <ESC>[4i             <ESC>[?4i

However, you will probably find that the Telnet program supplied with
Windows does not support them.  For a Telnet client that does, and that
also would allow you to script your entire session from the client side,

- Frank


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