8port serial board help

8port serial board help

Post by Keith Chil » Fri, 04 Feb 1994 00:38:08

Dear Netland,
I have an s-bus card and 8 serial and 1 parallel
port expansion board.  I installed in on my Solaris 2.3
system, but cannot get it to work.  After the
installation of the software, the manual tells you
how to configure it for sun 0/s 4.x, and refers
me to another manual that is not in my shelf of
manuals for 2.3.  Does anyone out there know
how to configure the board to actually be recognized
by the system.  My admintool shows the ports and
lets me modify the services, but I don't think the
driver is being recognized by the system.

Please help because my 90 day phone support
has expired.

Keith Chiles


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isn't listed. What am I doing wrong, and what is my next move. Thank in

Jim Kinter, Owner
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