Quake2 3.21 for Solaris re-released (developper/advanced user -only-release)

Quake2 3.21 for Solaris re-released (developper/advanced user -only-release)

Post by Vincent Cojo » Thu, 04 Apr 2002 20:26:15

Hello everyone,

        This is a preliminary re-release of Quake2 for Solaris. As some of
you know, Quake2 wasn't available for Solaris except as a dedicated server
(q2ded). A team at SUN in Sweden (namely Martin Englund and Elias
M?rtensson) ported the Quake2 client to Solaris7 in late 99. The project
remained as-is until Id software released the complete source at the end
of 2001. The original team at SUN agreed to release their diffs to the
Quake2 source code in order for Quake2 to be kept alive on Solaris.

        This release is the result of their efforts. The solaris Quake2
client code is now merged with one of the most active Quake2 projects
(Relnev's Quake2). I contributed the sparc/Linux port and the integration
work between the SUN patches and the current Relnev release.

        Version 0.10 was released yesterday and includes everything needed
to build the Solaris client and the renderers. This is a source-only
release and it does not include any binaries. It does not include the .pak
files (the data) which you will have to get from your Quake2 CD or from
a site that still carries the shareware data files.. I'd like to hear from
others about this release and how it worked out for you.

Build instructions:
1) get the source from http://www.icculus.org/quake2.
   current URL is: http://icculus.org/quake2/files/quake2-r0.10.tar.gz
2) extract the source and cd into the top-level directory.
3) Build the binaries with "gmake -f Makefile.Solaris".

Build notes:
1) You -must- have the following in order to build Quake2:
   - X11 libs + headers.
   - XIL libs + headers (this is -REQUIRED- even if you don't use the XIL
     renderer. I'm investigating this issue).

2) I have tested this on:
   - Solaris 8 01/01
   - GNU Make 3.79.1
   - gcc 2.95.2 (from Solaris Software Companion CD).
   - OpenGL 1.2.2
   - SDL-1.2.3

3) I strongly advise you to get SDL and install it. This gets you
   a second quake2 binary (sdlquake2) and another renderer. Get it from

Installation instructions:
Use the README file at the top level for installation instructions..
See the Solaris-Specific make options at the top of
the Solaris Makefile (Makefile.Solaris). Most interesting options
BUILD_X11=YES           (for X11 rendering)
BUILD_GLX=YES           (for GLX rendering)
BUILD_SDL=YES           (for SDL rendering)
BUILD_SDLGL=YES         (for GLX rendering with SDL)
BUILD_XIL=YES           (for XIL rendering)
BUILD_CORONA=YES        (for the SunRay Terminal, -unverified- by me since I don't have the SDK)

What's working:
- The Quake2 binary
- The SDL Quake2 binary (uses SDL for sound and CD).
- X11 rendering (ref_softx.so)
- XIL rendering (ref_xil.so) (Faster for some routines)
- SDL rendering (ref_softsdl.so) (Nice full screen effect on Solaris displays)
- GLX rendering (ref_glx.so) (Works semi-OK on my Ultra2/Creator3d but
  it's s-l-o-w).

What's still broken:
- SDLGL renderer (loads, colors are all wrong. Colormap
  problem? Update: it may be an endianness problem in
  SDL since it displays fine to a remote x86 Linux machine
  with NVidia drivers. Being worked on, priority #2).
- XIL is needed in all cases (-DSOL8_XIL_WORKAROUND).
  Being worked on, priority #1.

Thank you!
Thanks for this Solaris release go to:

- Martin englund and Elias M?rtensson from SUN (sweden).
They ported Quake2 to Solaris with XIL and OpenGL
and Martin made this release possible by contributing the source code
once Quake2 was open-sourced by Id Software in dec' 2001.

- Id software.
(for such a great multi-platform game).

(Maintainer wannabe).


Quake2 3.21 for Solaris re-released (developper/advanced user -only-release)

Post by Philip Bro » Mon, 08 Apr 2002 17:21:43

>- GLX rendering (ref_glx.so) (Works semi-OK on my Ultra2/Creator3d but
>  it's s-l-o-w).

that's cause creator3d cards dont have hardware texturing support, nor do
most of the pre-2002 sun 3d graphics cards.
quake2 runs faster on my 400mz celeron with a plain tnt card, running
solaris x86. haha.

On the brighter side, I heard a rumor that xfree86 runs on solaris sparc as
well as x86. So if anyone out there has a PCI-based sparc, and
an old $30 TNT card (or a newer one :-), try getting xfree86 to run,
with utah-glx, and post the results.

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