STREAM Packet Filter Module -HELP

STREAM Packet Filter Module -HELP

Post by Angel G. Orti » Sun, 19 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I was told that several months ago (~ 6 months), someone posted
an example of a STEAMS packet filter program with source.  Can
anyone please tell me where it can be found or the name of the
auther and program.


Angel G. Ortiz
Stealth Internet Services, Inc


1. Sun nit-pf STREAMS packet filtering module question

I want to use the STREAMS NIT packet filtering module to
capture UDP/IP packets with a particular destination
port#. (Never mind why I want to use /dev/nit instead of
higher level socket -- it would take too long to explain here).

This appears to be non-trivial because the packets are structured
as follows:
        Ethernet stuff (14 bytes)
        IP header (20 bytes + variable length options)
        UDP header

Thus the field in the UDP header on which I want to test
is at a variable length from the start of the packet.
The filtering module appears to provide no method
to make such a test, or at least the "man" page in
SunOS documentation is incomplete. But programs such
as Etherfind & Snoop must be capable of making such
tests (?).

Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Of course,
I could capture the packet and make the test in
user space, but the whole point of the filtering
module is its speed. Performing tests in user
space is likely to lead to packet loss.

Rob Stevens

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