HELP: Flow control problems

HELP: Flow control problems

Post by Brian De » Wed, 18 Aug 1993 21:57:14

Are there known problems in Solaris 2.1 on SPARCs regarding hardware
flow control (RTS/CTS)?

We're trying to figure out why we're getting loss of data when the
SOLARIS box is connected via RTS/CTS hw flow control to a modem at
9600bps, and then when you dial in at 2400bps, and try to receive
a screenful of text (say, 1800 or more characters), the stuff at
the tail end is garbled.  The modem by the way is enabled for RTS/CTS
flow control.

I recall lots of problems with SCO XENIX/UNIX and hw flow control,
so I kinda thought maybe SunSoft has had its troubles too?

Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.


1. Help! PS Printer lost flow control!

Hello, all!

Earlier today, I accidentally sent the following code to our LaserWriter
IINTX (PostScript):

serverdict begin 0 exitserver
statusdict begin
25 57600 0 setsccbatch

Of course, this sets us up with 57.6k and XON/XOFF flow control. The
baud rate (57.6k) is correct; the XON/XOFF is *not*.

We have had this printer running from Linux at 57.6k without any
problems, but I can't remember what flow control was set to. I do
remember that we had to play with flow control settings for quite some
time the first time before we got it to work right. We have tried all of
the following options:

0 (default bits, XON/XOFF)
4 (default bits, DTR/DSR)
64 (8 bits, XON/XOFF)
68 (8 bits, DTR/DSR)

None of these settings have restored our flow control! Again, the only
thing we did was reset the setsccbatch option byte to 0.

Our printcap entry for the printer looks like this:

Perhaps someone can give us /some/ idea as to the proper option byte
setting for this printer? We need to get more than the first page of our
documents out of it!


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