kstat symbols

kstat symbols

Post by Vic Abe » Wed, 24 Feb 1999 04:00:00

>Where should I look for a comprehensive list of the names (and their meanings)
>(kstat_t->kc_chain->ks_name) that I get when I traverse the entire kstat_ctl_t
>list ?
>Basically I'm looking for a page with short explanations on what each of these
>symbols mean.

Try `netstat -k`.

1. looking for info on /dev/kstat and kernel symbols un Solaris 2.x

I'm trying to port an app from SUNOS 4.1.x to Solaris 2.2.
The application (sort of a vmstat/w type of program) looks
for kernel run queue and cpu utilisation info.

I found some sysinfo data structures in header files (sysinfo, cpu_sysinfo
in <sys/sysinfo.h> that seem  to have the info I need.  I found a sysinfo
structure in the kernel namelist bu no cpu_sysinfo.

Then I noticed that things like ps and w and programs looking for this
type of kernel info, use /dev/kstat.  There also seems to use some kstat
library routines (kstatopen(), kstat_lookup(), etc) to look at the
system_misc_kstat structure.  There is even a libstat.a hanging around
and a kstat.h header file..

However I can't find any documentation on the arguments to these kstat
calls or data structures.  Has anyone ever used these calls or can
the please point me to some documentation about this stuff?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


David Perlin

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