Solaris 2.4 X86 Crashes After/During PPP Connect

Solaris 2.4 X86 Crashes After/During PPP Connect

Post by Will Carden » Mon, 04 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I don't know if anyone else is trying to use PPP on Solaris 2.4
for X86 but hopefully someone else is and may be able to help
with this problem.

After using the instructions in the VERY helpful doc by Michael
McKnight (Outbound PPP Setup Guide for Solaris 2.x), I was able to
configure the machine to dial my internet provider and attempt
a PPP connection.  As soon as the dial script gets the CONNECT,
the machine crashes (and a very ugly crash at that).  I'm guessing
that the aspppd process got something from the server side that it
did not like?  I understand that the PPP software Sun includes with
2.4 does not support PAP.  And I do know that my internet provider
(PSI Interramp) uses PAP. So I don't know if this may be the problem
or not. I have configured PPP for incomming and this seems
to work fine.  So again I'm guessing (a bad habit...) that the
PPP software is OK.  Does this sound reasonable?  The aspppd.log
stops at the CONNECT (which is when the machine blows up).  Are
there any other log files that may hint at this problem?

Any help anyone can suggest would be GREATLY appreciated.


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the problem?

          Thorsten Laux, Schuhmacherstr. 27/29, 24103 Kiel, FRG,

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