ontrack disk manager and solaris x86

ontrack disk manager and solaris x86

Post by Luis Navarr » Fri, 18 Feb 2000 04:00:00

hass anybody had any luck installing solaris x86 with on a system
that uses ontrack's disk manager to get past the 8gb ide bios



luis navarro
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1. Large Hard Disk With Ontrack Disk Manager

Maybe someone can help me with this.  I know that this is probably a
common question but does anyone know how to set up windows 95 and
linux on a 1.2 gig hard disk that is using ontrack disk manager.  I
would like for the windows 95 partition to be about 800 meg and the
linux partiton to be about 400 meg.  My computer requires that I use
the disk manager because I have an older bios.  I have been told that
I need Linux kernel version 1.3.30 or above.  Is this correct and if
so where can I get it.

- Gene Webster

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