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   The Maumee Pattern Company, located in Toledo Ohio, is in search of
qualified CAD/CAM designers to fill challenging tool design positions at
up to $20/hr + Medical and profit shareing.  Maumee Pattern is a small
company established in 1915 and specializes in sand cast and permanent
molds of complicated cast automotive parts for foundries. If you or
someone you know has experience in this area,and are interested in this
position, please send resume to

Maumee Pattern

Toledo Ohio 43605

      Jeff Neuman
phone 1-419-693-4968
fax     1-419-693-5278

the Maumee Pattern Co.
high quality automated tooling


1. Need help building brl-cad

Hello out there!

Has anybody out there had any luck building BRL-CAD?  I finally got the
registration stuff taken care of, untarred the stuff, but now I'm having
no end of difficulties *building* it.

In particular, cake complains no matter what I do.  It complains about
../Cakefile.lib, Cakefile, etc.  I'm not even sure if my cake is built
correctly.  I did have to patch it a bit to get it to compile / link
(yylineno and yywrap definitions).  I'm not exactly a yacc / lex expert
(not even close), so I'm not sure what exactly is going on.  If anybody
could give me some pointers, it'd be *greatly* appreciated.

Oh -- the other relevant stuff:
gcc: 2.6.2 (and matching libs, etc).
Kernel: 1.1.66 (if that matters)
brl-cad: 4.2

Thanks in advance...

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