how to connect new disk tray to SSA200

how to connect new disk tray to SSA200

Post by saa.. » Tue, 29 Jun 1999 04:00:00

We have an E5K with a disk tray that we want to disconnect and attach to
an SSA200.  The SSA200 manual says to refer to the Differential Disk
Tray Installation Manual, which I cannot find online at Sun's website.

The SSA200 is attached to the E5K, so I need to know if I can do this
while the devices are hot.  Do I need to shut down the E5K, the SSA200
or the disk tray?  Once I do this, do I need to "boot -r", or can I just
do a "drvconfig" "disks" and have it come up?

Any help is appreciated.


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Anyways, we have a HP Laserjet 5si mx that prints fine if you use lpr, but
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Both jetdirect setups are exactly the same as well as the settings on the
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