Dialin server with DHCP support

Dialin server with DHCP support

Post by billy m » Wed, 07 Mar 2001 17:14:48

Hi All,

Do you know any idea on setup a dialin server
which will also support DHCP function ?
And Doc or URL link and tell ?

Many Thanks



1. slip/ppp dialin server with dhcp server

Would someone point me to the right direction and reference material?  I
want to setup a small slip/ppp dialin server using Linux.  I read the
NET-3-HOWTO.  It has details on accomplishing this.  But I want to know
if it is possible to do this with dhcpd instead of a static file.  As I
understand the doc, dynamic IP assignment still binds the IP address to a
specific ttyS? port.  Is it possible to have the dialin server to make
request to an existing dhcp server then pass this onto the caller?  It
is my understanding that dhcp server could inform the dhcp client the
change of IP assignment.  How could this be accomplished in the
mentioned scenario?  I appreciate any idea and suggestion.

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