help connectin window client to a linux server via pppd

help connectin window client to a linux server via pppd

Post by Andrea Di Cesar » Fri, 05 May 2000 04:00:00

i'm looking for help. I need to connect windows to linux. I want to connect
them using their modems. I need window calls linux and thinks it are talking
with an Internet Provider. So I can create an intranet with two hosts. I need it
because of I have a java client (witch uses the new java 1.3 not disponible on
linux) calling an ldap server running on linux. All this for my thesis at
university. Please help

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Dear Linux Pros,

I want my linux system see the window 98 file system, but don't know how.
Is there any windows Linux service program or equivalent program out there
that windows can serve files to a Linux machine.

My window cannot log into my Linux neither.  I was able to run telnet and
connect to the linux system using the IP address.  The prompt comes up
nicely, but the login is refused saying password is incorrect as I try to
log in as root.

Thanks much.


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