Connecting Win95 to Linux server via null modem

Connecting Win95 to Linux server via null modem

Post by Eugene Morozo » Sun, 02 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I would like to connect Win95 and Linux machines using TCP/IP over
null modem.  I've looked through Text Terminal HOWTO, Serial HOWTO,
NET-4-HOWTO and still doesn't understand what software needs to be
installed on Win95 and Linux.  Should I use sliplogin or mgetty on
I would be grateful if someone will point me the right direction.



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I apologize for being a bit off topic, but the Win newsgroups don't seem to
have the technical expertise found here :)

Does anyone know of how to get Win95 DUN to connect via a Null Modem to PPPD?

I'm running Win95 (osr2) on a laptop and am trying to connect to
my FreeBSD 2.2.1 using PPPD.

At present I have to connect a modem to the Laptop, go through all the modem
handshaking, then unplug the modem and quickly plug in the Null Modem - and
then it works....

I was wondering if anyone knew of a Null Modem driver for Win95, or should I
give up and write a script to make the PPPD pretend to do the modem



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System Administrator
Zed.Net ISP, Radio 4KZ & Kool-FM
Innisfail, Queensland, Australia         

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