mgetty and fax notification

mgetty and fax notification

Post by Mike Stradlin » Thu, 25 Feb 1999 04:00:00


I have mgetty running okay and have received a fax with success.
However, I wish to receive notification of the arrival of the fax by
email.  Within /usr/doc/mgetty-1.1.14/samples there is a sample script
with appears to do what I want.  Within the comments of the scripts it
indicates that the script is called by mgetty if FAX_NOTIFY_PROGRAM is
declared with policy.h.  I have not compiled mgetty from source but
simply installed from the rpm supplied on the RH5.2 CD.  Is the
FAX_NOTIFY_PROGRAM declared by default and if so what to, if not how do
I declare it???



1. OPTIO fax and email notification


we're using OPTIO DCS 6.2.6 fax on our ibm rs6000, running aix 4.3.3.
My problem is that optio sends notifications on both fax successes and
fax failures. Which means when a failure occurs that someone has to
sort through all the successes to find the failure. I'd like to have
it send notification only on failures. I can't seem to to find a
script in the optio directory that controls this or if there is some
option i can turn on/off to do this.. thanks for any help.


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