PPP scripts-HELP

PPP scripts-HELP

Post by Vern Hox » Mon, 19 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>I need some help on writing a script to login instead of typing the long command.

>pppd connect 'chat -v "" ATDT<phone #> CONNECT "" ogin: <ID> word: <password>' /dev/cua2 115200
>debug crtscts modem defaultroute

>This works fine, I want a script that will call this with one word.  

>I tried with 2 scripts; one called ppp1

>exec pppd connect /etc/script /dev/cua2 115200 debug crtscts modem defaultroute

>and a chat script called script


>chat -v "" ATDT <phone #> CONNECT "" ogin: <ID> word: <password>

>when I execute ppp1 the modem dials and seems to connect but doesn't.  Can someone tell me what I
>am doing wrong.  I just want a simple setup to login...Thanks

This is why I wrote 'call_em'.  I have two ports to call out on and my
server has four incoming telephone numbers.  A simple command line entry of
'call_em -sscicom' will sequence through all possibilities until a
connection is made.  It also calls 'insmod' to load the 'pppd' module and
issues a usable command line option to 'ppp'.

You can pick up 'call_em' as part of the collection called
'serial_suite.tgz' via ftp from 'scicom.alphacdc.com'.  Login as
'anonymous' and use your full e-mail address as the password.  In my case,

address while some other sites do not.

'Call_em' uses the HDB type uucp configuration files.  These can be the
same files used by 'uucico' for the most part.  If you are using the taylor
configuration files, you can generate the equivalent hdb types by using
'uuconv'.  If addition, there are samples of HDB files and a blurb which
does a pretty good job of defining how the entries are interpretted.


Vernon C. Hoxie                                           scicom!zebra!vern

Denver, Colo., 80212        uucp: 303-455-2670          voice: 303-477-1780


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