NistNet Bit-Error

NistNet Bit-Error

Post by JonLangdo » Fri, 17 Dec 2004 01:29:13

I have heard that there may exist a bit-error add-on for nistnet, is
anyone aware of where I can obtain this add-on?

1. Installing/Running Nistnet errors

Currently I have nistnet.2.0.12c installed on a Fedora Core Linux
installation, and have followed all instructions to get it
working....but the problem is that is isn't.  Here is my problem:

When I run the make command after ./configure I get:
"WARNING:could not find /nistnet-3.0a/kernel/.tabledist.o.cmd for

When I run the make install command I get this error:

"ERROR: Module rtc does not exist in proc/modules.  Couldn't find rtc
module -/dev/rtc will be mostly unusable after running nistnet.  Sorry
about that.....  To prevent this message, recompile rtc as a module.

FATAL: Module nistnet not found."

I have gone into Fedora's kernel config to recompile rtc as a module by
setting it to M in the device settings...what else can I do?

Can anyone help?

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