Linux sockets problem (closed connections staying open?)

Linux sockets problem (closed connections staying open?)

Post by Scott M Bake » Sat, 02 May 1998 04:00:00

        I'm devloping a Linux socket application and having some problems. I'd
appreciate any help that anyone could give on these issues:

1. I'm opening and closing TCP sockets at a high rate (500-1000
connections per second). Connections seem to be staying in CLOSE_WAIT
and TIMEOUT_WAIT state for a long time. I am using the following
(pseudo)code to close the socket:

        while (recv(socket,...)>0) ;

I've also tried some code out of Apache web server that includes a
select() call in the recv() while loop to check for incoming data. No

2. Sometimes my program deadlocks, apparently inside of a socket call.
"ps -al" reports that it's stuck in tcp_getsocket. Netstat reports that
a large number of sockets are stuck in CLOSE_WAIT (or TIMEOUT_WAIT) and
they won't go away until I kill the process.

3. Most of the above problems start happening when I run the program at
near the limit of how many sockets it can process (and/or beyond what it
can handle)

4. Sometimes the client side of the connection gets a Connection_Refused
error. (This might be expected if the server is exceeding the listen
queue size)

I'm currently running under Red Hat 4.1. Will be upgrading to 5.0 in a
few weeks. The ethernet in use is 100mbs switched. I'd appreciate any

if possible.



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I am new to using sockets and am working on a project that requires
me to audit services accessed under a client/server program (TCP/IP)
socket connection.

What I want to do is send a datapacket to a collector machine each
time a client accesses a service on the server.  It seems that
I am unable to do this from the server.  Basically, in short form
I need to be able to do the following:

1. Client connects (TCP/IP socket connection) to server
2. Client requests a service from the server
3. At that point I want to send a datapacket to a audit server.

Any Ideas?  I am familiar with most of the concepts involved in
using sockets.  Maybe I have been working on this to long and have
gotten tunnel vision.


Brent Curtiss

Academic Computing Services
The Ohio State University

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