TCP/IP over X.25 over ISDN question

TCP/IP over X.25 over ISDN question

Post by enrico badel » Sat, 23 Dec 1995 04:00:00


I would like your advice on the solution I thought for this connectivity problem

There is a TCP/IP + LanManager U lan with a HP 9000/8xx server that needs to
be connected to a remote Novell IPX Lan. The connection MUST use a private
X.25 network to connect the two lans. The traffic between the lans will probably
be mail (SMTP), ftp and maybe WWW.

My idea is to use  2 Cisco 2503 (not sure of the model) and connecting the two
lans to the X.25 provider with ISDN since traffic won't be very heavy. Install
a Linux box on the Novell lan and add TCP/IP to all the MS-Windows clients.
The LInux box would become a TCP/IP server; in this way there shouldn't be
problems with the current installation.

Someone suggested to install TCP/IP on the Novell server; I wouldn't want to
do so since Novell will be dismissed in the future

Any other ideas.

Please let me ask you for CC: your replies to my email address

Thanks in advance

Merry Christmas



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thanks for your support


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