Newbie networking on RH7.0, need detailed help

Newbie networking on RH7.0, need detailed help

Post by Clayton Cheun » Fri, 05 Jan 2001 02:30:07

Hi, I have a LAN in my home, with laptop, win,and Linux as clients
sharing a DSL conection. All laptop and windows works fine, but on one
system with Linux, I don't know what to do.

The server used Sygate software, and all the win clients used Sygate as
well, so I have no problem for win.

The gateway is, dns is, IP for Linux box is, network mask is

I am really new in Linux networking, so I don't know where to set it up. I
know that there is a program called network-configurator in RH control-
panel, but I tried to enter the values but failed to activate the interface.
Is that because I entered stuff in wrong place, cause on some field which I
dont understand I just guess. With the above infomations, can anyone tell me
how to set it up in step by step? or prehaps point me to somewhere else??

I am using a netgear FA311, is that suppoted in Linux?

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