Help on Setting Up Smoothwall 2.0

Help on Setting Up Smoothwall 2.0

Post by johnlyt » Fri, 12 Mar 2004 13:49:54


I have been using Redhat 7.2 to do internet connection (PPPoE) and
broadband sharing for the PCs in my office for some time. It has been
running very smoothly so far.

Lately, as advised by my friend to improve the security, I am
interested to install a firewall system onto a separate PC unit. This
unit has two NIC cards installed, one connected to the network hub,
the other one connected with a ADSL router Cisco 677, provided by my

I have followed the instruction closely> However, I am not yet able to
set it up to work properly.

I would be grateful if somebody can help me to solve these setup

Part 1 - Network Configuration Type
Is it correct for me to choose the network configuration as
'Green + Red'?
Just two NIC cards, one connected with the network hub,
another connected with the ADSL Router.

Part 2 - Drivers and Card Assignment
There is no problem for Smoothwall to detect my two NICs.
One 3Com, one Realtek.

Part 3 - Address Setting:
a)   Green Interface
IP Address:  Net Mask:

b)   Red Interface:
Mode of Connection: PPPoE.
(I didnt request my ISP to provide me a fix IP)
I selected this because I was using this connection fuction that comes
with Redhat 7.2 to connect with the internet.
Or should I change to use DHCP?

Part 4 - DNS and Gateway Setting:
I can easily specify the Primary and Secondary DNS.
But what should I fill in for the Default Gateway?
Or should I just leave it blank?

Having done these setting, I restart the network.
But it seems that I havent been able to connect with the internet.

I cannot ping to a internet site that I know, e.g. ...

I also find it strange that I am not asked to do the 'Log In'
procedures, (my username and password) which was necessary to do every
time for connecting with my ISP.

Please help.
Thanks in advance


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