Problem Compiling amd920824upl90 on linux1.2.13-a.out !!!

Problem Compiling amd920824upl90 on linux1.2.13-a.out !!!

Post by Joachim Seifer » Tue, 23 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hi all !

I got:

gcc -c -s -O6 -I/usr/include/bsd -DHAS_REGEXP -DDEBUG -DHAS_STRDUP
-DMOUNT_TYPE_UFS=\"minix\" -DLinux_DEBUG  -DOS_HDR=\"os-linux.h\"
-I../rpcx -I../config -I../include -I.    -DHAS_FILE_MAPS
../amd/nfs_start.c: In function `checkup':
../amd/nfs_start.c:104: conflicting types for `sbrk'
/usr/include/unistd.h:606: previous declaration of `sbrk'
make[3]: *** [nfs_start.o] Error 1

The relevant lines are:

#ifdef          __hpux
        extern void *sbrk P((int));
        extern caddr_t sbrk P((int));
#endif          /* __hpux */

/* Theses are kind of Linux specific. */
extern int      __brk __P ((void* __end_data_segment));
extern int      brk __P ((void* __end_data_segment));
extern void*    __sbrk __P ((ptrdiff_t __increment));
extern void*    sbrk __P ((ptrdiff_t __increment));

unfortunately I don't remember what I did to make it compile.

I only remenered now about it because I grabbed a newer version
(patchlevel 90) and tried to compile it!

How would one make it reasonably compile ?

The system is linux1.2.13, libc4.6.27 (slackware 2.3), gcc2.6.3 .


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