Socks Help needed

Socks Help needed

Post by Daniel Crows » Wed, 27 Sep 1995 04:00:00

        I've been playing around with socks 4.2b for a couple days under
Linux, but I'm not having any results.  I'm hoping maybe you can point
me in the right direction.

        I have two networks, and  The linux
box with the sockd can talk to both networks fine.  

        My problems come up with I try to connect using WS_FTP and/or
Netscape on a Windows PC on the network.

                       Linux Box
                |                                  | -> || <-
                |  eth0                    tr0     |

        Here's what my configuration files look like:

Script started on Sat Mar 15 18:48:18 1980
[root] test:/usr/local/etc > cat sockd.conf

[root] test:/usr/local/etc > cat socks.conf

deny : echo "SOCKS: reject from %S from %u to %z" >> /usr/adm/messages

[root] test:/usr/local/etc > cat sockd.route

        Here's a test I used on the linux box. is the Windows

[root] test:/usr/local/etc > test_sockd_conf root te  lnet
USER:root,  SRC:,  DST:, PORT:23
Line 1: permit
==== Checking routing file (/usr/local/etc/sockd.route)...
Line 1:
[root] test:/usr/local/etc > ^D  exit

... According to this, it should work....

        But, on the linux box, I never get a sockd connection.  When I tried
to set nescape to use Socks (, nothing would happen on
the linux box (according to the logging I'm doing).  





      Chesterfield MO 63005           |    ^-- mail me here 1st


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Urgent SOCKS help needed.

I have SOCKS and all it's components compiled for Linux.  sockd is
running and I have the config files set correctly (I think).  Here's the
problem: When I run rftp, rtelnet, etc. I get the error:
 read of GetDst: Unknown error
 ftp: connect: Unknown error
with 'ftp:' being whatever service I try.  If I comment out the lines in
/lib/Rconnect.c pertaining to GetDst and make it always return a good
number I then get:
 Service not available  or      Connection refused
What could cause this inability to access the world?  I am using
Socks4.2beta with Linux.

                                                Wade C.

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