TCP configuration within linux

TCP configuration within linux

Post by Alaa » Sat, 09 Jul 2005 19:39:04

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to benchmark some of TCP variants using Linux kernel 2.6
Untill now, i found how to configure TCP Sack, Vegas, and Westwood.
What i need to know is that how to configure each of TCP Tahoe (not Old

Tahoe), TCP Reno, and New Reno using the same kernel.
I found somewhere that, the sysctl "net.ipv4.tcp_westwood" switches
between NewReno and Westwood ----> I'm not sure of that, does anyone
has an idea of that???
And also please, if there is a way to find the current TCP variant
running on the machine.

Thanks for your help,


1. TCP/IP Configuration on Red Hat Linux

This may be a common, or FAQ question, we have installed Red Hat Linux, and we
are trying to get it to recognize a local area network (and the full

On startup, it finds and sets up the ethernet card as device eth0 (as
expected), but it does not set up the route table properly.  If I do a route I
get:   no gateway  netmask  device lo

which I take it as the basic local host IP stack has been set up, I can then
add the routes by hand using

route add -net ???.???.???.0  netmask dev eth0
route add -net gw ???.???.???.1 netmask

and it sees the full net, I can ping and telnet out to our local servers.

mind you if I do route after that, it seems to hang on the entery,
interesting bug, but it works.

I know with OS/2 there is a startup file that allows you to do this
automatically, where might they be in RedHat Linux?

Problem 2, How would I set up the DNS services, again I figure a simple text
file someplace will do it.

Please reply via E-Mail since I do not follow this news group.

Thanks in advance

Trevor James                  

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