ISP Proxy Help?!

ISP Proxy Help?!

Post by Brian Bernack » Tue, 30 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I appreciate any help on this problem.   I have done a good bit of
research and searching around, but now I'm more confused then ever.
With all the choices...

Anyway, here is my question...  I used to have the following setup:

      ISP (Cable Modem)  <----> eth0 -[Proxy Server PC]- eth1 <---->
-[PC (fake ip)]

So I did have a Win95 system with a proxy server, routing all traffic
from two computers out 1 (of 2) ethernet adapters in the middle PC.
This worked fine.   This is one kink to this system, my cable modem
appears to act a bit like a router.  In will only allow traffic from ONE
ethernet adapter (using the MAC address) , so all IP traffic must end up
out one ethernet adapter.

Now I want to get rid of Windoze complety, and like to do the same thing
with Linux.  Any suggestions?  I have read a ton of different ways to do
it, Proxy, Routing, IP Forwarding....      I'm just not sure where to
start..  Should I recompile my kernel to enable IP-Forwarding?  Has
anyone used Squid, Apache, or proxyrouted-090?    Do you need to have IP
Forwarding on, if I configured my router table would the IP packets
cross network cards?

Thanks, for any help!!!



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Hi, everybody!

Can anyone tell me how to connect to proxy server of my ISP in linux.
I use
 RedHat linux 3.0.3
 kernel 2.0.0
 ppp 2.0.xf

I can do it in Windoze - just in options of Netscape or in
Control Panel - Internet (I'm using OSR II). Access via
proxy server is much faster.
I have not Netscape for linux (yet) but I'd like to speedup
at least ftp right now.

I've got address of this proxy server and socket.

Thanks in advance!

Andy Rysin

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