Linux NFS client and IRIX NFS server

Linux NFS client and IRIX NFS server

Post by Andrew Hildebran » Fri, 02 Jul 1999 04:00:00

We have been having some problems with the linux NFS client talking to
an IRIX NFS server.

Here is the scenario.  Our developers have SGI boxes on their desktops
and they are editing their code on those boxes.  They also have a Linux
RH5.2 box running 2.2.1 kernel.  When they are done making changes to
their code they save their files and then run make in the Linux box
window.  The Linux box might see the changes to the file in about 30-60
seconds after they save the file.  Our developers are saving their files
to an SGI NFS server.

I tried the following test.

SGI client box A
SGI client box B
Linux client
SGI Server

On SGI client A, I created a file and saved it to SGI server.  I then
tried to cat the file on SGI client B and on Linux client.  SGI client B
was almost instantaneous, and I had to wait for several seconds before
I could cat the file on Linux client

Is there any way to speed this up?   Instead of jacking up the attribute
caching min and max is there a way to force the Linux client to flush
the attribute cache and re-read the directory contents?

Also on a related topic why do we see very little latency on SGI boxes
when talking to the same server when all mount parameters (attribute
caching, etc) are set the same way?



1. IRIX NFS server and Linux NFS client

Hi all,

Is there any reason why my Linux NFS client (kernel 2.4.18
nfs-utils-0.3.1- from RedHat 7.2) is not able to mount a directory
exported from an IRIX server in NFSv3 (not sure which version of IRIX
yet, if this is important I will find out). NFSv2 works fine, but if I
try to force NFSv3 I get "Connection refused".

I'll appreciate any help.

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