Software Package Free! ... about our Free Software

Software Package Free! ... about our Free Software

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Software Package Free! ... about our Free Software

1. New Organization to Serve Free Software Community: Free Software Union

Free Software Union
                       "Free Software Lovers Unite!"

This is a call to all Free Software developers, users, and enthusiasts
to join a novel new organization that could act as a unifying center
for the Free Software community!

The FSU is a volunteer, democratic organization dedicated to the Free
Software community. It provides all users, developers, and enthusiasts
with full-voice, free membership in a voting decision making body. It
channels resources, manpower, and community feedback for voter
endorsed project implementation.

We hope to help develop middleware and large-scale application
development, among other things, giving real, large scale application
suites to Linux, FreeBSD, and other OSes.

The FSU gives developers guarantee of wide acceptance and support by
providing guidelines and tools for development to produce consistent
and inter-operable software, and volunteer man-power recruiting
assistance for large endorsed projects.

The FSU gives users the ability to participate in the future of Free
Software, and to find existing and future Free Software solutions for
their needs.

The FSU gives enthusiasts the ability to actively participate in work
on Free Software projects, and provide resources and assistance to
projects (such as web page maintance, design, coding, publicity,
documentation, etc).

Some of the projects that the FSU is currently considering is the
adoption of CORBA or SOM, licensed porting/re-implementation of
OpenDoc, a "Free Software Map" database of all known free software
projects (a superset of LSM), and much more!

By supplementing the private resources of the Free Software Foundation
with the resources, man-power, knowledge, and feedback from the
community at large, the FSU and FSF together could promise a very
bright future for Free Software!

   Find out more and join at:

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