Server hostname being used when DNS fails

Server hostname being used when DNS fails

Post by Jo » Mon, 28 Apr 2003 00:45:11

When using `wget` the other day, I miss typed a domain name, wget
hanged for a while (during DNS resolution) and then seemed to go
though successfully.  I checked the output, it turned out, when the
domain I entered failed, it added the servers hostname (or part of it)
onto the domain and tried that.

The domain in question was registered, but both of its DNS servers
were not responding.  This was an external domain.  I am using BIND
9.x to resolve domain names.

I checked /etc/resolv.conf, but that just contains 2 nameserver lines
and not the search or domain options.  In rule out it being a feature
with wget, I coded a perl script to use LWP to query the domain.
Again, the servers hostname was added to the domain and it was

Is there any way to prevent this?  I later tried to use nslookup and
dig on the domain name, both returned a failure, which was expected -
so why did wget/lwp attempt to add the servers hostname onto the
failed domain?

I am using a 2.4.x Linux kernel, Perl 5.6.0, with the 2 nameservers
listed in /etc/resolv.conf both BIND 9.2.1.



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I have set up a local DNS server running on Red Hat 5.2 as a primary server.
Form my client machines I also need to access 2 other DNS servers as
provided by my ISP which we connect to via a gateway. When I edited the
settings for my machine (via DHCPD) to include the local DNS I discovered
that DNS lookup was only being performed by my local DNS server. i.e. if the
local DNS server cold not resolve a name the other DNS server were not

Is this a fault with my client software (NT4) or do I need to set up the
local DNS server differently.



Robin Imrie
SysMedia Ltd


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