X.25 <--> tcp/ip ?? Where??

X.25 <--> tcp/ip ?? Where??

Post by Marc Sherma » Wed, 19 Jul 1995 04:00:00


    Does anyone know if there is software for Linux 1.2.1 that will
translate X.25 to tcp/ip (both directions)? My knowledge of X.25 is
very limited. Is there an RFC which explains X.25?

thanks for any help,


1. TCP/IP <-> X.25 routing under Linux?

I would like to set up a UNIX box dedicated to routing/translating TCP/IP-
encapsulated X.25 data.  Can someone tell me where to find the source
code to accomplish this task, or tell me that this is impossible.  
Currently, we run System V and Linux here, but input for other OSes
would be great, too.  Thanks in advance.

Cory Hartel

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