PROBLEM: Modem hangsup when using dip/ppd when lagged

PROBLEM: Modem hangsup when using dip/ppd when lagged

Post by Ian Sheld » Sun, 15 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hello!  Several of my linux friends and I are
having problems with dip/pppd.   I don't understand modems
very well, so please excuse the non-technical description!

I am using kernel version 1.2.13, dip V3.3.7n-uri (17 Apr 95)
and pppd version 2.1PL2.
When I reboot, it displays:
PPP: version  0.2.7 (4 channels) NEW_TTY_DRIVERS OPTIMIZE_FLAGS
PPP line discipline registered.

Basically, when I am connected, the modem hangsup at random
periods of time (i.e. sometimes I can be connected for half-hour
without it* up, at other times I'm connected for only
one minute before it hangsup!)    It makes no difference what
I am doing  (whether talking, reading news, netscaping, or whatever).

Also, it seems to take three seconds for it to hangup, so,
for example, if I'm typing, my characters aren't echoed
(as if I was suffering from lag), and then, three seconds
later the modem hangsup.

My modem is internal, and I've issued an AT&F to reset it to
factory defaults, but it still hangsup.  I've also tried
dip -vt to set up a SLIP connection and pppd in case my pppd
options were wrong.

Any ideas?  I think, maybe, there's some option to say
``if you don't receive a packet in three seconds, the other
side has hungup so hangup'', but can't find any details in
my (rather crap) manual!

Any help appreciated as it's most annoying!

Thanks in advance,



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