Two NIS domains,one superset of the other

Two NIS domains,one superset of the other

Post by Fran L » Fri, 19 Nov 1999 04:00:00

We have done something similar, but did not need to use two
domains -- we implemented netgroups instead.  You'll need to
define groups in /etc/netgroups, and in the /etc/passwd file
of each machine, you define which netgroup that you wish to have

Sample entries --
In /etc/netgroup:
restrictedgroup (,user1,) (,user2,) (,user3,)


The 2nd last line in /etc/passwd indicates that everyone not in

allow user1, user2, user3 access.

It works for us.

Fran Lawas-Grodek
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1. Two NIS domains,one superset of the other


Is it possible to have two nis domains in a network
where one domain members can login to all machines while the
members of the other domain can login to only a
few machines.

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Dept of Electronics & Communication
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