Help: ICMP problem

Help: ICMP problem

Post by David Pasirstei » Thu, 08 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Both /var/log/messages and /var/log/dmesg are recording this about every
ten seconds.  There are thousands of these entries.  The IP address is NOT the real IP address of the error (I had to substitute
it for security purposes).  The real IP address is a valid IP address of
the CISCO router.  The linux box is a "standard install" of RedHat 5.

Jan  7 15:15:13 jupiter kernel: ICMP redirect from
Jan  7 15:25:26 jupiter kernel: ICMP redirect from
Jan  7 15:27:28 jupiter kernel: ICMP redirect from
Jan  7 15:28:04 jupiter last message repeated 2 times
Jan  7 15:29:38 jupiter last message repeated 8 times

Does any one know what the problem?  Or even better, How it can be
fixed?  I have limited access to a USENET feed so please email me your


David Pasirstein


1. icmp : does icmp have no dependency on dns?


i was working on helping someone to get a suse-install fixed-up for dns,
and found out that he was able able to ping places even when there
apparently isn't a valid entry in /etc/rc.config ( which, by default, is
used by the suse scripts to generate a resolv.conf )

the question+:

does icmp-packet routing not depend on DNS ?

does tcp-packet routing depend on dns ?

does anything depend on dns besides whatever is buried in something like
a netscape?

  (if so, any tips on (a url for, or a book if no url) where to find a
table of what depends on what?)



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