Setup of a Web Server...

Setup of a Web Server...

Post by cre.. » Sun, 05 May 1996 04:00:00

Hi, Linuxian friends !

First of all I'm swiss, so please excuse my bad english...

Here is my problem :

I have to setup a Web server on Linux for my school (it's the final
exam work). I've choosed CERN httpd 3.0.
I also have to setup Mail, FTP and perhaps Telnet...
My school is already on a Novell Netware LAN.

I experience a lot of difficulties setuping the whole thing.

Local hosts will access the server through the LAN, and the server
will access Internet through a modem line (PPP).

I've a lot of problems configuring PPP, the clients and the
communication between them...

        All your clues are really welcome !

                Take care,