MX cannot relay mail to a particular SMTP AUTH server

MX cannot relay mail to a particular SMTP AUTH server

Post by gaius.petroni » Thu, 18 Jul 2002 18:22:41

MX cannot relay mail to a particular SMTP AUTH server

now that i have smtp auth running on 8.12, i have discovered a new
problem for 1 particular address

the MX (server1) handles the domain
the SMTP AUTH (server2) handles roaming users' smtp

it so happens that on server1 i have an alias for my address which
points to server2

this is also how i relay all root account mail

the alias is like
rut:  root

the messages i am getting on the MX (server1) now are

pri=30231,, dsn=5.0.0, stat=Service unavailable

this never used to happen

i looked on a client and the returned mail message is 553
authetication required

so now i have another problem
perhaps there is more than one way to handle it

i *need* the mail to go there
i *need* the machine to enforce smtp authentication for users

i tried various gymnastics through the access.db but no go

slide past the authentication process.

if not, what must i enable on the MX *only* for this particular
address relay


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User UB sends mail to UA. How is it possible that server A with auth
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