DHCP, Dynamic IP, Cable modems, Linux and you!

DHCP, Dynamic IP, Cable modems, Linux and you!

Post by Ala » Tue, 01 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I had asked for some help earlier on a cable modem setup, and,
having now gone through the ordeal (not really) myself, I thought I'd
share some results (if you have PPP running off a DHCP server, this will
probably work for you too).
Background:  I just got a cable modem (Lancity single user, see
www.lancity.com) installed and access (through highway1.com) to the net
at 1.3M/s.  They (highway1) give you plenty of Win95 support, but they
won't touch linux.
Problem:  The network uses Dynamip IP addressing.  They do this by
having your (client) computer probe their (server) computer's DHCP
server to obtain a new address every time the modem reboots (which really
shouldn't happen except for power outages, etc...).
Solution:  In Win95, all you need to do is run winipcfg.  However,
Linux distributions do not come with dhcp built in.
All you need to do is find out a little about DHCP, what it does and
how it works:
"http://web.syr.edu/~jmwobus/comfaqs/dhcp.faq.html" is the URL for the
Then, once you're familiar with it, download the DHCP protocal client
daemon.  Someone had posted it as being in incoming at sunsite,
but by the time I got there it had already been moved.  in URL
form, it's now at:
download, read the README, compile and put it in tyour rc.d startup file
of preference and you should be off.  works like a beauty.  

thanks to all those who helped me.




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