tcpdump broken

tcpdump broken

Post by David Ferr » Thu, 13 Nov 1997 04:00:00


I'm running 2.0.27 and my tcpdump doesn't go.

Heres the error message:

 tcpdump -i eth0
tcpdump: can't resolve symbol 'ether_ntohost'

eth0 definately exists.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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        Has anyone else observed the fact that on an irregular basis,
tcpdump fails to terminate according to the operation guidelines you give
it? Specifically, invoking tcpdump with the termination-on-packet-count
feature *usually* works, but if you run the program about 30 times, one of
those times, it will outright fail to terminate at all, eventually filling
up your entire partition with dump data. Even then it won't die!  I am
wondering if I will need to patch this up myself, or if there are already
pre-existing patches for this program. Any help warmly received!  If



Robert James Williamson                          #include <ASCI_Pic.h>

HTTP://        #include <Soft_Sell.h>

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