CompuServe PPP dial-up via RedHat 4.0?

CompuServe PPP dial-up via RedHat 4.0?

Post by Jez Pa » Thu, 30 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have just installed the new RedHat Linux 4.0, and am looking for
advice on how to set up the Network Configurator to dial up CIS PPP.

If anyone has the correct settings for the configurator could they
please let me know. Thanks.

Jez Page, Manchester UK


1. 2.3 -> 2.7 via Dial-up (Re: CVS over 'dropping' dial-ups)

You are better off borrowing/buying/stealing a CD and loading a fresh 2.7
From what I've heard, there are issues with upgrading via CVS.  Plus, it's
Trust me. If you don't have the cash (US $30, I believe) you could probably
somebody to copy their 2.7 CD for you (hint,hint).  Of course, buying the CD
OBSD 2.8 and higher a possibility, which is a Good Thing.

Good luck.

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