Linux & ISDN-router How?? (Ascend Pipline 25-Px)

Linux & ISDN-router How?? (Ascend Pipline 25-Px)

Post by Martin Wahlstr » Wed, 04 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hi! (sorry if this got too long..)

I have an Ascend Pipline 25-Px ISDN-router.

It works when I connect it to my standalone Win95 via a null-modem like TP-cable.
I configured the router to have as IP-number
I just tell the Win95 to use the routers IP number ( as gateway.
I start Netscape and requests a page somewhere and, doing! Connected!
When the router connects to our ISP it's dedicated a dynamic-IP number.

Now I want to use it on my Linux box instead.
(Linux RedHat 3.0.3, kernel 2.0.27)

The Linux box is connected to a small network of 5 PC's:
Linux, NT-4 and Win95

The Linux box accts as a mailserver for our domain located at our ISP.
Linux connects to the ISP via modem, PPP, dynamic-IP and fetches, delivers
our email every now and then.

The point is to use ISDN to do this faster!

The router cab just hanlde ONE user so I can't put it into the hub..
So I put another 3Com905 eth-card in the Linux-box.
The card is autodetected just all right.

Now my problem:
I use as IP for the Linux and 10.0.0.x for the other PC's
in the small network.

This works OK when I have just 1 eth-card.

But now when I have two, how should I do it?
I want the other (eth1) to be the default gw through the ISDN-router,
I have read the NET-3-HOWTO but don't get it..

Wanted setup: (old setup was a modem at ttyS0 and PPP instead of eth1+ISDN)
   ______    _________     _____
  | ISDN |  | Linux   |   |     |---NT-4
--|router|--|eth1 eth0|---| HUB |---Win95
  |______|  |_________|   |_____|---Win95
  a.b.c.d     L-----Win95

When the router connects to our ISP it's dedicated a dynamic-IP number.

- How do I tell Linux to use it as my default gateway.

- What IP number should I give it, and how do I setup the route.

- I want it to connect only for requests outside my net (which now is

- If possible (of course it is!), I also want the Win95's to be able to
  "surf the net" through this setup.

I have read a lots of HOWTO's about firewalling, routing, masquerading,
gatewaying, but it's not that clear as I have 10.0.0.x as NW-addresses.

Should I consider to change this to some other class?
In that case what? I have only max 10-15 PC's in the net..

Ascend ISDN-router Pipeline 25-Px information:

Please help me out!

Best regards Martin/

This is just my opinion and has nothing to do
with the company named "Ericsson"



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Which of the following ISDN ISA TAs would you recommend for a Linux
box, running version 2.0.8 on a Pentium-133 32meg RAM system: Motorola
BSP ISA TA, USR 128 ISA TA, and the 3com ISA TA (all internal PC cards
?)  I'm looking for multilink PPP support, sync PPP (or at least decent
async PPP), throughput much closer to 16Kbytes/second (as opposed to
10Kbytes per second), and ofcourse, "seamless" support for PPPD and
CHAT.  I'd sure appreciate any response.

        BTW, I had the luxury of trying out an old ascend pipline 25 for a few
weeks.  I must confess - an ISDN "modem" the pipeline 25 is NOT!  It is
incredible that a $700 plus box does not support simple dynamic PPP, or
clear text, dumb terminal, PC-to-PC ISDN calls.  Amazing!

        Finally, I must commend GTE for for the accuracy, effeciency, and speed
with which they installed my ISDN line.  My line was installed in 7 days
flat, ahead of thier own schedule!  Within this 7 day period, they
visited my residence three times to check my existing service for ISDN
suitabilty, install/provision my BRI, and cater to my unwavering
indecisiveness!  In additon, I received all the setup information I
needed promptly, and followup calls to see how I liked the service.
It's amazing how this service now compares with PacBell's ISDN
"everywhere".  I've got some colleagues who are still waiting for a call
from PacBell, to initiate an order they placed 5 weeks ago!  If only GTE
would eliminate round-the-clock measured service.  That's the only
drawback with their service.

Ken Onwere

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