Apple airport?

Apple airport?

Post by Michael W. Godfr » Fri, 06 Oct 2000 13:15:42

I'd like to run a wireless LAN at home and at the office.  I have a desktop
machine in both places plus a laptop.  All are PCs.  At home, I use a DSL

A colleague suggested the Apple Airport might work (ie I buy one for home,
one for office), but he runs Windows (apparently, you don't actually need
an Apple computer).

I dual boot Win98 and Linux ... Is there anyway of getting this Airport
thingme to work if the desktop machine and/or laptop is running Linux?

If so, is there a recommended PCMCIA card that will work with Linux?

Is there a good web page on this somewhere?

Thanks for any enlightenment,

-- Mike


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I just got my RH6.1 machine working with my Apple Airport. Everything
works but after some 5 minutes or so the airport will "freeze", with
all lights on green. This has happened twice tonight in about 10
minutes of prolonged use.

I am running the lastest 1.1 software from apple.

Is anybody else seeing this kind of behaviour? btw it does not do this
with the iBook.



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