how to measure wire speed at wire level

how to measure wire speed at wire level

Post by muz » Wed, 19 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have a DSL line from which I am getting slower than expected thru-put with ftp.
Is there a way to see the speed of bits at the wire level in linux ? I'd like to
remove all the doubt about ftp/tcp overhead and look at how fast the bits are
flowing to the dsl modem. I am using 2.0.35 redhat.




1. Telephone wire TWO WIRE null modem cable?

I want to make a serial connection between two computers in
the house using regular telephone lines.  I already have a TWO
WIRE telephone line between the two computers, but the
following diagrams asks for a ground (GND) connection, does
anyone know if this is really required, or if there's a way to
get around that third ground wire.  



Diagram in my communications terminal program:

      Simplest Possible 3-wire Null Modem Cable

      MALE                                    FEMALE
      =============                           ========
      25D RS232 pin     signal       signal   25D   9D (as in AT)
      =============     ======       ======   ===   ==
                  7     GND <------> GND        7    5
                  3     RD  <------- TD         2    3
                  2     TD  -------> RD         3    2

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