ethernet cards installation configuration problem slack 10.2

ethernet cards installation configuration problem slack 10.2

Post by Sakkath » Tue, 08 Nov 2005 17:26:24

Hi group,

I am harsha, please bare with me i am new to this group

I am trying to configure my slack 10.2 box to support 2 ethernet cards,

the two cards are:

sis900C      => using driver sis900 [built in to the mother board]
realtek 8139 => using driver 8139too

kinfocenter (hardware browser) listed both the cards.

I connected the network cable to sis900 and did netconfig, assigned IP to sis900
        netconfig din;t prompt for configuration of second ethernet
card ie.,
        ifconfig command displayed configurations for only sis9000
        I tried to ping sis900 from an other system - it said time out

I manually added eth1 and assigned IP

        then I connected the cable to realtek card and tried to ping
        both the cards were pinging

I did netconfig(with cable connected to eth1)
        both the cards doesn't ping

after manually adding eth1

        I did ifconfig it displayed configuration of both eth0(sis) and


now I did /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 restart

        and then did ifconfig it displayed just eth0 and eth1 was

I remove realtek card and started the box
        siscard was pinging and it was perfect

I suspected that I must be hardware conflict then I connected the
realtek card back and
booted back in to windows to by shock both the cards were running at a
time with no problem

I found that both the cards were using same IRQ = 19 under windows
and in Kinfocenter the IRQ displayed for the cards IRQ = 11 again same

here is the info of the cards:

        I/O range    : E800 - E8FF
        Memory Range : ED102000 - ED102FFF
        IRQ          : 19 (in windows), 11 (in slack)
        Driver Used  : sis900

RealTek 8139/8139+:
        I/O range    : EC00 - Ecff
        Memory Range : ED104000 - ED104FFF
        IRQ          : 19 (in windows), 11 (in slack)
        Driver Used  : 8139too

I also tried adding alias to


alias eth0 sis900
alias eth1 8139too

each time I made changes I was restarting the rc.inet1 daemon
I am using, slack 10.2 kernel - 2.4.13

ended up in vain...

This is some thing strange, I am finding it difficult to add the
realtek card
and make it recognised by slack, can any one please help me solve this
so that I can make my box to use both the cards.


ethernet cards installation configuration problem slack 10.2

Post by Filip Rembialkowsk » Tue, 08 Nov 2005 20:14:01

Read chapter 5 of The Book:

or just

1) edit /etc/rc.d/rc.netdevice,
add two "/sbin/modprobe nic_module" lines in desired order.

2) edit /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.conf
fill-in the addresses / masks and set default gateway.

3) reboot


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