3c589C and Toshiba 510CDT - problems??

3c589C and Toshiba 510CDT - problems??

Post by Jeffrey F. Bro » Sat, 28 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hi there-

Has anyone successfully configured a 3c589 combo PCMCIA card to work on a Toshiba Laptop
running linux?  I'm running RedHat 4.2 with David Hinds PCMCIA package - everything
seems to configure correctly but it can't see the network.  Ping locks up.  It
claims to be using the right port (10base2 in my case) and the right network
parameters.  Have tried excluding irqs and ports.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to those who have already made suggestions - unfortunately I am still having
no luck.

        Jeff Brock


3c589C and Toshiba 510CDT - problems??

Post by Jeff L » Sat, 28 Jun 1997 04:00:00

|> Has anyone successfully configured a 3c589 combo PCMCIA card to work on a Toshiba Laptop

I am trying to get a 3c589D to work on a Dell XPi CD.  PCMCIA is on, card manager finds the card.  I just can't initialize it.  I download a 3c589.c file to use and the patch for it was well.  The patch won't apply for some reason.  I can't compile the 3c589 as a module either.  I patched with this command:
patch -p0 < patchname
All that was done in /usr/src.  The 3c589.c file complains way too much when compiled as well.  It can't find some files it needs, and I can't find them either.

Any hints?  Thanks in advance.
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3c589C and Toshiba 510CDT - problems??

Post by Bryan D. Sibthor » Fri, 11 Jul 1997 04:00:00

> > (Jeffrey F. Brock) writes:

> > |> Has anyone successfully configured a 3c589 combo PCMCIA card to
> work
> > on a Toshiba Laptop

I can say that I have the exact same laptop as you and finally
configured it to work with my 3c589D.  I started with a vanilla RH 4.2
install.  I am running on 2.0.30 following the instructions in  the
Modules/PCMCIA howtos about how to recompile the kernel with network
support, but without a networking device.  I then downloaded the newest
PCMCIA source from ftp://cb-iris.stanford.edu/pub/pcmcia/ and installed
it.  No real configuration changes were needed.  The only problem I had
was that the 3c589 was using IRQ 3 and that conflicted with the internal
Toshiba modem.  One workaround was to /sbin/rmmod 3c589_cs and then use
the modem.  The solution was to put in a few lines in the
/etc/conf.modules file to exempt certain IRQs.

I also have X running in 800x600 w/ 64k colors on XFree86 3.3.

You can mail me directly if you have any questions.

Bryan D. Sibthorp
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