REQ: copy of hostcvt to converrt hosts.conf to named

REQ: copy of hostcvt to converrt hosts.conf to named

Post by Archer Graphic » Thu, 05 Jun 1997 04:00:00

If anyone has a copy of hostcvt or knows of the location of one out on the
net, please let me know. I've been through trying to set up my machine for
named without it, and I flopped. 8-(

For those who haven't heard of it before, it is a (mythical?) program that
automatically converts your system from hosts-based address lookup to DNS
lookup using named.

PS. The LSM has two entries to it which are both broken.

Tiggers don't jump, they bounce!


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I am having some trouble understanding how to configure my new RH 6.2

My setup is as follows:

I have a DSL modem connected to a hardware router.  I have an external IP
number and 192.168.1.X as ip's for my LAN running TCP/IP.  The linux server
is at local ip

I want to run my own mail server and name server for HTTP and FTP access.

If I run NSLOOKUP, it reports that it cannot find a server name address for (non-existent host/domain)
and for my external IP (no response from server)

I think if I can see some sample files set up correctly, that I can
reconfigure my system to work correctly.

Or - better yet, if someone can walk me throught this setup I would be
forever greatful!!!


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