Getting some news via PPP/slip

Getting some news via PPP/slip

Post by Gordon Crai » Sun, 07 May 1995 04:00:00

I have Linux installed, and most things are working, however I wondering
how feasible it would be to be able to download some selected newsgroups
from my provider into Linux (to read offline if necessary). It would only
be in the order of 5-10 groups and the last 200 or so in each. That
shouldn't take _too_ long i wouldn't think with 28.8k  

I'm aware that this is of course possible, but were wondering what would
be the easiest/non hastle way to go about it... The Networkin FAQ/howto
helps a bit, however it doesn't really provide any clues as to what is
the best way to do things in this situation..

email replies please..

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Today I'm connected to the network via a SLIP connection.
I read news from my providers NNTPSERVER using rtin.

Firing up rtin takes several minutes...

Does someone know if there is a smoother/faster way to do that
than using rtin?

Is there a way for me to automatically receive all news in
certain groups and read it locally? how?

please mail me!


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