/var/tmp/.pop files

/var/tmp/.pop files

Post by David Lewi » Fri, 28 May 1999 04:00:00

What are the files in /var/tmp/.pop for?

Sometimes, not always, when a user logs in via POP3 to get his messages
from Sendmail, it gives him no messages but puts a file with his username
on it in that directory.  The file has his messages in it.  what is

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1. problem with persistent /var/tmp/.pop files

Hello I am am experiencing a problem where my users are being locked out
from reading mail because sendmail is creating a lock file in the
/var/spool/.pop directory and not deleting it.  

These lock files are created to prevent multiple processes accessing the
same mail file however they are crashing about 5 times a day.  The average
users receives 50 - 100 messages a day.

The users are using Eudora light or Pro running on a Win 95 peer2peer
network and the sendmail is running on a copy of Slackware 2.0.29.

Could some please advise.

Obi Nwosu

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