PPP server for Win95 client

PPP server for Win95 client

Post by Delbert Matlo » Mon, 06 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone been successful at getting Linux to act as a PPP server for
Windows 95 client machines?  It looks like Windows 95 is doing a PAP
(or is that CHAP) login sequence instead of using the special account
setup.  I found this out by having the Windows 95 machine dial into
Minicom on the Linux box instead of getty.  Garbage immediately
started appearing on the screen after the connection was established.

If this is the case it looks like I have two options.  One is to find
a getty that can see a client sending a PPP initialization string.
This getty could then hand off control to pppd.  The other would be to
use SLIP with scripting on the Windows 95 system.

Since Linux is the best multi-purpose operating system out there, it
would be nice for it's dial-up support to work as well as a commercial
providers.  From the looks of it, the pppd docs and the PPP howto
don't even mention Windows 95 clients.

Any suggestions?


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PPP server for Win95 client

Post by Doug DeJul » Fri, 10 Nov 1995 04:00:00

>Has anyone been successful at getting Linux to act as a PPP server for
>Windows 95 client machines?  It looks like Windows 95 is doing a PAP
>(or is that CHAP) login sequence instead of using the special account

You can bring up the properties for a given W95 "dial up networking"
connection and turn on an option called "bring up terminal window
after dialing".  If you do that, you'll see the login prompt on your
Linux box.  You can log in and start PPP, and when the server is
running PPP, hit F7 to tell Windows that you're done with the terminal
window and it can start speaking PPP.

If you install the scripting tool from the W95 CD version or available
via FTP from Microsoft, all the interaction with the terminal window
can be automated.  You can even have your script grab the
username/password pair from the connection dialog box, so multiple
people can use the same dialup script securely.


PPP server for Win95 client

Post by Erik Peterse » Wed, 15 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I have, on occation, setup PPPd to accept calls from Windows95. You ar correct
in that W95 does use PAP. You however must set the W95 system to NOT send an
encrypted password (see PPP-HOWTO) as it is proprietary to Microsoft and not
supported by PPPd.

To properly setup the login, you need to set the login program to a shell
script that calls pppd with the proper options.

Create a script like:

exec "/usr/sbin/pppd passive proxyarp +pap login modem crtscts"

now, using getty-ps' uugetty, set the login program to pap-login.

init=at\r OK at&c1&d2s0=1\r OK

Now, pppd will perform logon validation on the line and will dump anyone
who doesn't validate with PAP. Also login ids come from the passwd file.

Read both the pppd man page and the PPP-HOWTO for details.

The only hitch with this arrangement is that the line will now only do ppp.

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1. RH 4.2 PPP Server & win95 clients?

RedHat 4.2 intel
Stand alone 486 dx 66 20 megs ram
(also have same type of machine on a windows95 lan with redhat 4.2 intel)
Static ip for ppp server + ips for dialin clients
Complete Redhat cdrom default install.(on both machines above)
Setup dialout ppp to our isp using RedHat's Control panel and it works

Have followed instructions found at:
http://www.interweft.com.au/other/ppp-howto/ppp-howto.html and
http://www.gti.net/tiger/mgetty.html and
http://www.buoy.com/isp/ and
We can connect to both machines using hyperterminal or bring up a terminal
screen after win95 dialup and login and www, ftp, telnet, email all work.
It appears for some reason pap is not happening when using windows 95
dialup to connect to either ppp server machine?

The following is from a ttys0 log file when connecting with hyperterminal:
date#### data dev=ttyS0, pid=3700, caller=none, conn='14400/ARQ/.....',
name=", cmd='/bin/login', user='username here'

The following is from the same ttyS0 log file when connecting with win95
dialup (no terminal screen):
date#### failed dev=ttyS0, pid=3719, got signal 1, exiting
Apache web server, ftp server, mail server all also work fine.


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