XYLogic annex 2000 for linux

XYLogic annex 2000 for linux

Post by Santa Y » Wed, 12 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I want to use the annex 2000 in slackware 3.0. But I can't compile
the source in linux. Could someone help me? Or email the binary
files to me by email.


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I need help... I'm in a new job with a Xylogics Remote Annex 2000.  When
people dial in or connect through the annex... they can only access
machines on the same subnet...
They cannot access HOSTB on a different subnet.

The name and IP of HOSTB is in the config file and shows up with "hosts"

The subnet mask didn't help at or

I'm new to this so I'd appreciate ANY direction you can give!


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