DIP error... can't even make it run

DIP error... can't even make it run

Post by Landshar » Sat, 20 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I previously installed the slackware-3.0 release of linux, (most of the
disks, a,ap,n,f,q,y and some others), and had the executable DIP working
fine, I was just working on a script.  I started running into problems
with 3.0, and decided to go with a slack 2.2.  Everything works better,
but DIP won't run at all.  No matter what parameters i use, i get an
"Unknown Server Error".  What does this mean?  Do i have to recompile it?
 I also couldn't find the sources for it.  Any ideas?  Also, is there a
IPX-Howto?  Does such a thing exist?  My friend wants to run his bbs
through linux, but he uses an ipx network right now and doesn't want to
change.  And suggestions?



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Great, I read all the net docs, the dpi man pages, and even customized my
script. Now dpi refuses to run!

It can't find libc.so.4! (There's a libc.so.5 is /usr/lib or something).
What gives???


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