HELP with dip and dynamic SLIP connection

HELP with dip and dynamic SLIP connection

Post by Luis F. Ull » Sat, 13 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Is there someone ot there that has configured dip, so it dials out to
an internet provider, using a dynamic SLIP connection.   If there is I
need help.   I just got Slackware release 3.0.  I've manajed to
configure xfree86, and most of the system.  But I'm still unable to do
any dial outs.    If somen has a script and some instructions please
e-mail me.  



1. dip and dynamic SLIP connection

: I have been trying to use dip to connect to my school's network. Unfortunately,
: only dynamic SLIP addresses are used. Does anyone use dip with such a
: connection or know of any info. I can find in order to help me write a
: successful script. Thanks in advance for the help.

: Jose J. Perez
: UMDNJ-Newark-Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
: Newark, NJ

This is not too hard to do--just put a line in your dip script which
takes your IP address from the startup message your SLIP server should
give when you connect, like so:

        get $local remote

This will read your local address from the text the remote computer just
sent (it automagically finds the IP address in the string).

There are some examples of this that should have come with dip. I forget
where they are located (/usr/doc?), but if you do a little snooping you
should be able to track them down (you could always try 'find / -name
sample.dip -print'). Good luck.


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