Artisoft AE-2 NIC Driver

Artisoft AE-2 NIC Driver

Post by Sam Hughe » Wed, 14 Oct 1998 04:00:00

My office just upgraded their machines and got rid of a few Artisoft AE-2
network cards and I was trying to install one of them in my Linux Box.  It
has a jumper to make it emulate a NE2000 card but Linux doesn't detect it.
I was wondering if there is a specific driver that works or if there is a
roundabout way to make it work.

Sam Hughes


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Hi folks,

I've got an  Artisoft AE-2 AE-3 ethernet card in a linux box that I'd like to
network. Unfortunately several hours of rooting around on the net haven't
 unearthed any leads as to how/where to get drivers for it to work. I have
seen refernences to it in the search engines: (eg, search at
 for Linux Ethernet Artisoft), but usually this just turns up a compatibility

I'm guessing that if there aren't any drivers written specicically for it, it
 must be because the card's compatible with something else..

Here I must admit, I haven't successfully installed an ethernet card on a
 linux box before. However, I do  know the IRQ it's set to, and the port
 address that Win'96 is using...

Any pointers?

Thanks in advance,

Zachariah Nobel


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